TA “101” course

Course Code: TA 101

Course Title:
Transactional Analysis 101
(16 hours)

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

Course Outline:

Course Synopsis

This two-day course will enhance social emotional intelligence. Participants will achieve self-understanding/self-mastery and create win-win relationships at home and at the workplace through effective communication strategies.

Learners’ Profile:
Counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, VWO staff, educators, students & youth group leaders, managers, executives and frontline personnel including those from family service centres, counselling centres, and crisis shelters.

Learners will receive a Transactional Analysis 101 Certificate at the end of the 2-day course.

What is TA 101

The “TA 101” is the term designate for an introduction to the basic theory and methods of Transactional Analysis.  The number “101” is typically used in the US for introductory University courses which provide a broad overview of a topic.  A verification certificate “TA 101” will be issued from the Board of Certification of the Training & Certification Council of Transactional Analysis.  The Certificate is globally recognized.

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