About Us

Berne TA Center adopts a holistic business strategy; working with individuals and organizations in three key areas namely, consultancy, training, and counseling to achieve the shared goals of enhancing personal and professional living; and enabling a motivated and effective workforce.


Our team of experienced consultants will help you identify your organization’s learning needs, map the desired outcomes and develop the relevant training and development at a reasonable cost.


Berne TA Center was given WSQ Accredited Training Organization (ATO) status in the second half 2007.

Our current suite of training programmes includes both WSQ courses and other professional courses. These courses can be contextualized and conducted in-house; or offered as public courses to meet organizational learning gaps and individuals’ learning needs for personal and professional growth. Berne TA Center also designs and develops training programmes to meet organizational learning and business needs.


We offer an array of professional counselling (including crisis counselling) and related services in a comfortable, non-threatening, and confidential environment.

We run clinics for individual and group sessions. We also have a team of professional counselors (SAC registered) to support and provide in-house counseling services for organizations.