Build and Deepen Professional Competencies through Transactional Analysis (TA) (Level 3)

Course Accreditation under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification System (WSQ)
(Course Code: CRS-Q-0041381-SSC)
Level 3
Build and Deepen Professional Competencies through Transactional Analysis (TA)

This course has met the course accreditation criteria for the accreditation scope Training and Assessment

Training Hours: 12
Assessment Hours: 2

Learning Objectives

A. Ego States Analysis

B. Life Positions and Script Analysis Theory

C. Theory of Discounting and Game Analysis 

D. Stroke Theory

E. Training Opportunities and Resources for Professional Development





Funding by SSG only for Singaporeans and PRs.

Administrative Fees ($200/-) include:

What is Transactional Analysis 101?

The “TA 101” is the term designate for an introduction to the basic theory and methods of Transactional Analysis. The number “101” is typically used in the US for introductory University courses which provide a broad overview of a topic. A verification certificate “TA 101” will be issued from the Board of Certification of the Training & Certification Council of Transactional Analysis. The Certificate is globally recognized.

Assessment must attain the competent grades.

Statement of Attainment will be awarded by SSG with competent grades.

Notes on SSG Funding

Two Modes of Payment by:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Cheque

Eligibility to be a TAP Practitioner (USATAA)

  1. Transactional Analysis 101 and Build & Deepen Professional Competencies through Transactional Analysis (TA) (16 Hours)
  2. Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy (16 Hours)
  3. Redecision Therapy (24 Hours)
  4. TA 202 Advanced TA Training (8 hours)

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