Other Courses

SHOrt Courses conducted by JC INTEGRA

Other short courses conducted by Berne TA Center’s associate JC Integra Consultancy Services


Courses conducted by JC INTEGRA Duration Duration
Transactional Analysis and Building Relationships in an Academic Environment 2 days
Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling: A Helping Process 2 days
Effective Appraisers and Appraisees 2 days
Crisis Intervention in Critical Incidents – a two-part programme:
Part 1: Coaching and Counselling
Part 2: Crisis Intervention
3 days
Managing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 1 days
Leveraging Customer Service through Psychology 2 days
Towards Service Excellence – Understanding the Psychology of Customers 2 days
Developing People for Higher Performance 2 days
Achieving Personal & Professional Success 2 days
Mentoring Competencies 1 days
Transactional Analysis Counselling In Action (TACIA) 2 days
Mentoring Training Programme 2 days
Achieving Personal & Professional Success 3 days
Think. Care. Surprise.Your Customers 2 days
Workplace Crisis and Trauma: Peer Support Group 2 days
Emerging as an Emotional Warrior in Challenging Situations 1 days
The Coaching Conversation for Higher Performance 1 days
Partners: Soar As One 2 days
Engaging Employees Thru’ Professional Feedback 1 days
Leveraging on Parent and Child Relationship Thru’ Psychology 2.5 hours
Celebrating and Leveraging Diversities: Team Building 4 hours
Counselling the Cancer Patients 2 days
Managing Stress Relocation ½ day
Using Transactional Analysis for Self-Awareness
and Relationship Management (TASARM)(WSQ)
2 days
Personal and Social Climber – What Makes Me Tick 2 days
Transactional Analysis for Customer Training (TACT) for Financial Services 2 days
Leveraging Leadership Commitment for Financial Services 2 days
Personal and Situation Awareness 1 days
Para-Counselling for Critical Incidences 2 days
Leveraging Personal and Professional Success 2 days
Emotional Resilience for Service 1 days

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