Build and Deepen Professional Competencies through Transactional Analysis (TA) (Level 3)

(Unit Code: SSC-BIN-3011-1.1-1)

Course Accreditation under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification System (WSQ)


Training Hours:                          12

Assessment Hours:                     2


Learning Objectives

  1. Ego States Analysis
  • Manage self and others better, using TA in professional practice
  • Apply self-assessment tool to assess personality and behaviour
  • Identify areas for improvement in professional development and practice
  1. Life Positions and Script Analysis Theory
  • Interpret how individuals thrive and cope under stressful situations
  • Demonstrate a variety of abilities to manage complexities in challenging situations
  • Apply life position concepts to address and negotiate stressful situations
  • Manage the past, make effective changes for the present, and project positively forward to the future for self and others as part of professional development
  • Assess all past assumptions, implicit limitations, and biases in your understanding, decisions and actions
  1. Theory of Discounting and Game Analysis     
  • Examine assumptions underlying individual discounting action, and the impact of discounting action on professional activities and practice
  • Identify discounting actions and their impact on self, other organisations and professional bodies
  • Explain how “Game” playing affects trust and relationship
  • Explain how “Game” playing blocks personal and professional practice
  • Identify and assess ineffective “Phoney Roles” and how they impact outcomes
  1. Stroke Theory            
  • Examine areas for improving stroking self and stakeholders for work effectiveness
  • Apply stroke theory and methods to reflect on self, clients and other professionals
  1. Training Opportunities and Resources for Professional Development                 
  • Complete development plan to meet the requirements of becoming a TAP (TA Practitioner)


Facilitator:      Dr Jessica Leong, Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst

Inquiries:         Email:

Telephone: Angela at 9817 7311




At least 1 GCE ‘O’ Level pass

Other certificates or qualifications of equivalent standard  (secondary) n.e.c.

Polytechnic Diploma

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Master’s or equivalent



Target Group and Audience


Non-supervisory and Supervisory

Service providers; educators; and health workers


Mode of Training


Full Time


Language Medium




Administrative Fees

$150/- (include handouts, certificate, coffee break, lunch & fruits) 


Assessments Attainment

Assessment must attain the “Competent” grade. 

WSQ Certificate will be awarded by SkillsFuture SG with competent grade.

90% attendance.