Board of Directors


Jessica has worked as a counsellor/psychotherapist in an institute of higher learning and has more than 15 years of clinical/organisational experience. Jessica won the Gold Award in the “Excellence in Teaching” Convention organised by an Institute of Higher Learning. She achieved the distinction of becoming the first certified Transactional Analyst in Singapore and is currently the Advisor of the Transactional Analysis Association in Singapore.

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Dr. Aaron Leong is a board certified endocrinologist and internal medicine specialist. He is currently training in clinical epidemiology. He has conducted research on diabetes surveillance from national health administrative databases and evaluated novel methods of diabetes detection/screening in Canada. His current research is on multi-component lifestyle interventions for diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention, and exploring innovative tools to enhance motivation and adherence to behavioral change. He is interested in the genetic and social determinants associated with ethnicity and their influence on cardiometabolic risk and diabetes treatment, among other common diseases.

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