Berne TA Center was set up in November 2005 to enhance personal and professional living using Transactional Analysis as the underlying foundational framework. Our core business is to provide professional services in three areas namely, consultancy, training, and counseling.


Using Transactional Analysis for Self-Awareness and Relationship Management

  • Develop self-awareness and understand the impact of our actions
  • Communicate and build effective working relationships with others
  • Seek and act on feedback
  • Apply workplace negotiations and conflict resolution skills



Transactional Analysis Practitioner

  • Level I: TAP – Transactional Analysis Practitioner


  • Level II: TAAP – Transactional Analysis Advanced Practitioner


  • Level III: TAPI – Transactional Analysis Practitioner Instructor


TA “101” Course

  • Enhance¬†self-awareness

  • Build interpersonal communication

  • Enhance family / work relationships

  • Solve personal & work issues

  • Motivate self and others for personal and professional effectiveness



TA “202” Advanced TA Training or TA “102” Training

  • Know your Transactions and Time-Structuring
  • Recognise your Drivers and how they can be an asset or liability
  • Know how Injunctions can impact decisions, interventions as well as restrict growth and development
  • Define, identify and analyse Games People Play
  • Learn how to stop Game playing and moving out of the Drama Triangle


TA 101 SkillsFuture Credit approved! 

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